Today on the blog, we’re talking fillings. What are they, and why do the materials matter? Read on to find out!

What’s a Filling?

Before we dive into the details, let’s discuss exactly what a filling is and what it’s used for. A dental filling is a means of restoration that is used to return a tooth to its natural shape and function after decay or other damage has been resolved. Fillings are incredibly common solutions, and they can be made out of several different materials. Here at solar Dental, we offer white composite fillings.

The Benefits of White Composite Fillings

Why are composite fillings the best option for your teeth? They offer a natural-looking solution, as the composite is perfectly colored to match the natural teeth. That way, when you smile or speak, the fillings won’t be noticeable as they would be if you got, say, silver amalgam fillings. Additionally, composite fillings are safe, as opposed to metal alternatives, which can contain mercury.

The Filling Process

As we mentioned, one of the great things about a composite filling is the natural look and feel they offer. We’ll give you a glimpse into the process so that you can understand how that result is achieved. Once the decay has been removed, the composite material is placed. In some instances, a curing light will be employed to set the material. Once the area is filled, excess material will be removed and the filling will be shaped to match the natural shape of the tooth. Finally, the dentist will assess your bite to make sure the new tooth surface lines up perfectly. Once it does, your tooth will be as good as new.


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